Born in Doha Qatar, raised between Doha and Toronto, and currently based

in Miami, L'omari has been making music for over a decade. At the age of

13, he began writing lyrics and poetry as well as playing the piano and

guitar. In high school, he discovered his innate talent for word play and

performing. At that point, he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of

his life and that was to be a musician.

Today, L'omari is recognized for his distinctive voice, exceptional

talent, and diverse background, and is sought out to work with

Grammy-nominated artists and producers all around the world. Known for

his versatility, L'omari frequently crosses genres, but ensures each piece

he creates is meaningful, melodic, and contains a valuable, authentic

message. Using life as his inspiration, L'omari creates music that builds a

bridge between genres, cultures, and societies, forcing us to look more

deeply into the issues that affect our planet.

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